Meet the Trainers: Roy Morgan

11 Jul 2019

Our trainers play a crucial role to all that we do at Kaplan Altior. So we thought that it's time you know a little bit more about them. Let's get started, Roy...

Name: Roy Morgan

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do at Kaplan Altior?

There’s probably not enough space in just one blog but here’s a taste……I am Kaplan Altior’s lead Advocacy trainer and I provide training and assessment on several Advocacy courses such as Higher Rights of Audience, the PSC and CILEx Advocacy rights. As part of this, I also manage a team of Advocacy trainers to assist with Kaplan Altior training requirements.

As well as my Advocacy focus, I deliver various CPC /CPD courses, to help our delegates at all stages of their development, and work with their organisations on business management courses. I also deliver wider professional training including our global ACFE course as a Certified Fraud Examiner.  

Outside of my everyday training delivery, I troubleshoot issues with delegates, clients and the Kaplan Altior team whilst also contributing blogs and articles (as you can already tell, I’m sure!).

What skills do you bring to Kaplan Altior?

My main focus is on Advocacy and communication skills as I have 30 years of experience as an advocate running my own legal practice (which developed into one of the largest in the country) alongside 25 years as a trainer in the legal sector. I believe one of my key strengths is that I have a loyalty to professional quality whilst appreciating business and financial demands.

However, delegates often report on the inspiration and emotion that I bring to training, together with an ability to engage delegates and lighten anxieties when they are outside their comfort zone - feedback which is always nice to hear.

Please provide examples of how you have used your expertise to enhance Kaplan Altior’s training.

I would like to think that my passionate approach to training has inspired many a young, and often many a mature, advocate. Being able to call upon a wealth of real-life experiences to bring aspects of training to life has whetted the appetite of delegates for more.

I frequently receive messages from delegates years later with thanks for lessons learnt that have enhanced their professional performance and enriched their career path. Recent feedback suggested the manner and style of training “far exceeded expectations” and “made a daunting task fun.”

I also know that qualifications or training obtained from Kaplan Altior has enabled delegates to secure positions of employment, climb the promotional ladder or simply perform better for the benefit of their clients.


Why should lawyers choose Kaplan Altior for their legal training?

At Kaplan Altior, we not only train our delegates to gain qualifications to meet compliance requirements, but also, we train them to use new skills through engaging learning techniques and put them into practice to enhance abilities. This is why we impart skills by using experienced, skilled professionals not academics. But above all, we refuse to rest on our laurels - we listen to delegates and continually re-evaluate their needs based on industry and cultural changes.


Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I’ll do better and give you two…

  1. In private practice, my firm was the subject of a five-part TV series on BBC Wales. In one episode I was recorded seeing four generations of a family, from great grand-mother to great grandchild, as separate clients in one day!
  2. I was awarded a trophy for the first woman to cross the line in the Radyr 10k race!! (It needs explanation….it’s a dining-out story!)