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First PSC Live Online Course

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Advanced Draft Pleadings

This one-day course focuses on understanding, and developing, the skills of drafting Particulars of Claim and Defences, in the context of a commercial contract dispute.

The course is designed for solicitors, who wish to understand, with clarity, how the cause of action is integrated into the claim, and how it affects the structure of the pleading.  It also considers how some specific aspects of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) are woven into these documents.

Accordingly, the course looks at what Particulars of Claim and Defences should and should not contain, and, in each case, why.

Of course, some time is also spent considering more generic effective writing skills, in the context of litigation drafting.


Whilst this course is based around a contract case study, the drafting skills, that are the core of the course, are transferrable to other areas, and should benefit any lawyer who is involved in, or about to enter into, a litigation role, and who wishes to have a clear understanding of the principles, and skills, involved in drafting claims and defences.

It seeks to assist those who draft themselves and/or those who wish to better understand claims and defences drafted by others, so that they may more confidently react to opponents’ pleadings and explain these statements of case to their clients.

The course aims to benefit both those experienced in drafting and those without experience.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of attending this course are that you will:

  • Learn how to discern (from what may be involved papers) which facts should be included in the Particulars of Claim and Defence, and which should be left to the Witness Statements
  • Learn how to draft complete, correct and effective claims and defences
  • Learn about, practice and improve your drafting skills, so that you can continue to develop them at work. If you do not draft your own pleadings, you should be able to better understand pleadings drafted by others
  • Understand the benefits, and risks, of using precedents.

Price £165


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(excludes vat)

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Available as an in-house course

Continued Competence


Helps satisfy elements of the SRA statement


Venue Date
29 September 2020

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