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First PSC Live Online Course

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Advocacy: The Art of Persuasion

Building on existing foundations of knowledge and skill, this 5-hour course is specifically designed to help you deepen and/or re-focus your understanding of selected core advocacy skills, to reflect upon your experiences and to understand how to improve your performances as an advocate.  It is sufficiently flexible in covering a range of experience of those who attend the training.

Comprising of three main areas; General Advocacy, Interim Applications and Trial Advocacy, the course has been developed to meet the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement that states that 5 hours of advocacy is required in each year of your first 5 years of qualifying as a Higher Court Advocate.

Taught by specialist advocacy trainers, the learning experience is highly interactive and includes elements of trainer-led presentations, free-associated thinking, discussions and group exercises.


Whilst this course was initially designed for post-Higher Rights advocates, it should benefit any lawyer in an advocacy role, whether in the higher or lower Courts.

If you are a Higher Rights advocate, you no longer have to undertake mandatory annual post Higher Rights advocacy CPD hours, but the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority does require you to continue to “reflect on your work and complete learning and development that helps you to remain competent”.  This course is designed to help you to achieve this and to develop and enhance your skills.

The context for this course is Civil Litigation but, since the focus is on Advocacy Skills, much of the content is transferable and applicable to Criminal advocacy.

Key Benefits

  • Small class numbers conducive of a better learning experience through more personalised feedback and collaboration.
  • Experienced tutors who are all former or current practitioners.
  • Practical advice on advocacy related matters.
  • Highly interactive session using specialist techniques to embed learning.
  • Condensed timetable (10am – 4pm), specifically designed for busy practitioners.

Price £195.00


price per delegate
(excludes vat)
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Continued Competence


Specialist CPD for extended rights of audience.  5 Hours CPD


Venue Date
16 October 2020

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