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First PSC Live Online Course

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Criminal Cross-Examination Techniques

An interactive course to provide confidence in conducting cross-examination of witnesses in a criminal trial.  Delegates are presented with techniques and methods of preparation for questioning witnesses with guidance given on how to avoid pitfalls in court.

Cross-examination of witnesses by the delegates within the context of a trial process is recorded and played back for discussion, analysis and feedback.


This course is popular with both new entrants to the profession looking to conduct court work and with more experienced practitioners (including Higher Court Advocates) who want to brush up on their skills and fine tune their cross-examination techniques.

Key Benefits

  • Use effective questioning techniques;
  • Understand the impact of their communication style;
  • Be aware of the importance of active listening;
  • Demonstrate confidence and assertiveness to tackle any witness;
  • Challenge evidence in a coherent and organised manner;
  • Recognise supportive facts to be obtained from a witness; and
  • Identify key areas to be addressed in cross-examination, highlighting what the advocate would ideally like to say about the witness in a closing speech.

Price from £165


per delegate
(excludes vat)

Available In-house


Available as an in-house course

Continued Competence


Helps satisfy elements of the SRA statement


Venue Date
28 Oct 2019
15 October 2020

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