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First PSC Live Online Course

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Civil Litigation: Practice and Skills

Legal professionals are increasingly realising the need to develop their litigation skills to provide an effective service to clients.  Designed for busy practitioners, this course updates on key advances in civil procedure and considers the application of recent case law and legislative reforms to day-to-day practical issues.

The period since the Jackson reforms has been turbulent for civil litigators and this course seeks to enable delegates to run a lean, efficient practice through a firm understanding of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and how the rules can be used to their practical advantage.  Rather than a bland recital of the rules and the changes therein, this course looks at how delegates can develop strategies for winning cases by using a tactical approach to the CPR.

Unlike many litigation courses, this course does not concentrate on only one side of the dispute and, as such, is equally useful to both Claimant and Defendant specialists.  Delegates develop a more rounded approach to litigation by considering both sides of the case.

Throughout the course, the trainer will highlight real-life examples of good and bad practice to illustrate practical applications of the CPR, inviting delegates to draw upon and share their own experiences.


The course is particularly aimed at trainee solicitors and those who are relatively new to litigation practice, but is equally suitable for more experienced delegates who wish to brush up their knowledge of the CPR.

Key Benefits

  • Experienced tutors who are all former or current practitioners in this area of law;
  • Practical advice on how to apply skills learned during training
  • A condensed timetable, specifically designed for busy practitioners
  • Tactical considerations from both the Claimant and Defendant points-of-view.

Price £165


per delegate
(excludes vat)

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Available as an in-house course

Continued Competence


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