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First PSC Live Online Course

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Higher Rights of Audience (Civil or Criminal)

Obtain the skills and qualification necessary to represent clients in the civil or criminal higher courts in England and Wales by achieving the Higher Rights of Audience accreditation.

To exercise these rights, the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) specifies the completion of an advocacy assessment for either the civil or criminal courts. To gain rights in both courts, you will need to undertake an assessment for each pathway. Unless you have comprehensive experience in advocacy, we recommend you undertake at least one of either the written or practical training courses to give yourself the best possible chance of passing the assessment.

Our supplementary, beneficial four-day training course covers the various essential aspects of Crown Court  and High Court preparation and advocacy, designed to guide candidates through the assessment process and to stand them in good stead for life as an advocate in the higher courts. 

Key Benefits

  • Altior is accredited by the SRA to deliver Higher Rights of Audience assessments under the Higher Rights of Audience Regulations 2011.
  • Both our assessments and training are delivered by our team of highly experienced trainers who are all practising Higher Court Advocates.
  • Practical programme to ensure learning is directly applicable in the workplace.
  • Successful completion of the course will enable you and your firm to handle all aspects of litigation work on behalf of clients. 
  • Qualification is designed to equip candidates for work in the Higher Courts, and the skills and experience obtained will help you to conduct more effective advocacy in all courts.
  • Aspects of the programme will also enhance your knowledge of evidence and ethics that will help develop wider litigation expertise.
  • Those with sufficient advocacy experience can choose to take the assessment only option.

In addition, for delegates the benefits of becoming a Higher Court advocate include:

  • Offer a complete service to clients
  • Greater professional status and reputation
  • Higher earning potential
  • Enhanced advocacy, communication and case management skills

2020 Higher Rights of Audience Dates

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Assessment only. More
package options available.
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Assessment or training only
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Study Options


Chose from 2 pathways:
Civil or Criminal litigation
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Use the drop down boxes to search for your preferred venue, date or module. You can use each of the drop downs individually, make a selection with all, or use any combination of selection that best suits your preferences.

Venue Date Module
Live Online
31 Mar 2020 - 02 Apr 2020 Practical Training (Civil)
Live Online
31 Mar 2020 - 02 Apr 2020 Practical Training (Criminal)
17 Apr 2020 Written Assessment (Civil)
17 Apr 2020 Written Assessment (Criminal)
24 Apr 2020 Practical Assessment (Civil)
24 Apr 2020 Practical Assessment (Criminal)
Live Online
02 Jun 2020 Written Training (Criminal)
Live Online
03 Jun 2020 Written Training (Civil)

More information about this course

Download a copy of the Higher Rights of Audience information guide below.
Download a copy of the route to Higher Court below

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