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First PSC Live Online Course

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Managing the Business

Key Strategic Management Skills beyond the SRA Threshold Standard

Do you feel confident to contribute to the strategic vision of your practice group or firm? Are you adequately equipped with the management insights, skills and techniques that will help your transition to the role of strategic decision-maker and leader?

Managing the Firm builds on your existing skills as a high performing team manager and introduces you to the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to progress your leadership career.  Broken into two sessions, Strategy & Finance and People & Clients, it is designed to take solicitors (and managers) beyond the fundamental SRA Competency Statement addressing learning needs in two crucial areas: Managing the Firm as an economic entity and Leading the Team as an effective unit. 

Session 1 - Strategy & Finance

As an essential step towards attaining a more senior position in the firm, understanding how strategy comes about and how to analyse the figures is an essential prerequisite for career progression. This session covers some key concept and tools:

  • A model for leadership
  • Five RULES for prosperity
  • Implementing the balanced score card
  • Health & Hygiene in practice

Session 2 - People & Clients

However laudable your business intentions might be, nothing will be achieved without clients or your people delivering what is required. This session is about joining up a client focused strategy with your team of people that actually deliver it:

  • Turning analysis into strategy
  • The importance/ performance matrix - a crucial tool
  • Achieving team buy-in to client focused strategies
  • Improved performance in your team


This course is specifically tailored to:

  • Qualified solicitors with at least 4 years PQE;

  • Associates who are creating business plans at practice group level or for promotion to partner;

  • More junior solicitors who are given earlier responsibility or who wish to develop more strategic thinking at an earlier stage of their career;

  • Newly promoted partners who want to gain a better understanding of strategy and implementation in order to further develop their contribution to the firm; and

  • More experienced professionals who seek a refresher and update on their existing skill set and wish to comply with the SRA Statement of Solicitor Competence.

Key Benefits

Lawyers achieve success in the initial years of their career by becoming technical experts, capable of coordinating and supervising high performing teams.  Progression to team leader, senior associate and ultimately partnership is a critical transition which requires you to develop a strategic mind-set.  It is essential that you also develop a new set of skills and knowledge in order to implement your strategy effectively.

By attending both sessions of Managing the Firm, the third area in Kaplan Altior’s Unique  3 step Management Programme, you will develop an understanding of the key business disciplines of strategy, marketing and leadership, and how all three are critical to managing a business or practice group successfully. In particular, after attending this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise that successful performance for your practice group or law firm depends on creating long- term sustainable value, not purely profit generation

  • Identify the key ‘RULES’ that drive long-term performance in your firm and apply these to your business proposals

  • Contribute more effectively to the development and implementation of your practice group or firm’s strategy

  • Articulate your practice group or firm’s strategy more  persuasively to internal and external stakeholders.

Price £99


per delegate, per session
(excludes vat)

Available In-house


Available as an in-house course

Continued Competence


Helps satisfy elements of the SRA statement


Venue Date
Live Online
Strategy and Finance - 4 March 2020 (9:30 am - 12:30 pm)
Live Online
People and Clients - 6 March 2020 (9:30 am - 12:30 am)
Live Online
Strategy and Finance - 2 October 2020 (2 pm - 5 pm)
Live Online
People and Clients - 5 October 2020 (9:30 am - 12:30 pm)

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