ACFE: Meet the delegate – Martin Barye, Mars

Research from the ACFE, SRA and PwC shows that fraud is on the rise across all industries and many professional organisations are searching for effective ways to combat and minimise risk. We believe that your team can be an effective tool to help protect your organisation, particularly if they’re aware of key warning signs and best practice procedures. That’s where our Certified Fraud Examiner (ACFE) course can help, by teaching delegates how to identify, investigate and prevent fraud from occurring. This week, we’re speaking to our former delegate, Martin Barye of Mars Inc, about his experience with our ACFE course to understand how this has benefitted him.


What’s your name, job role and company?
Martin Barye, Security Director for Mars, Inc

How long have you worked in this role?
7 years

Describe what your role entails?
I oversee all corporate security matters in the Western Hemisphere

Where are you based?
Miami, Florida


What is/ was your overall development goal?
After obtaining my CFE, I am now focused on reaching an MBA.

Have you faced any challenges in reaching this goal? If so, what were they?
Time and cost


How did you first hear about Altior?
Through a colleague.

Why did you choose to attend the review course in London as opposed to attending in the US?
Since my region covers many other countries, I wanted to take the international version.

What did you think of the training structure Altior/ACFE provided?

What were the highlights of the course for you?
I loved that real prosecuting and defence attorneys provided the insight.

What did you think of your tutor’s approach?
It was very down to earth and practical.

Did you find the learning resources helpful? And if so, in what way?
Yes, especially the pre-course ACFE materials.

What have you gained from undertaking the course and obtaining the qualification?Credibility! Writing a report as a CFE gives me much more credibility in the company and in general.

Would you recommend Altior to a colleague and why?
Yes, because of their pragmatic approach and ability to get to the key points of the didactic material.

Any other comments?
Loved the course and all those who instructed and organized.

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