Tailored Training

Specific training needs? Let us design a solution for you

At Altior, we work closely with businesses to help design training solutions that reflect each individual firm’s specific requirements. Our tailored training capabilities go far beyond our public and regulated training offering and will deliver targeted and measurable results for your business and your people.

Bespoke programmes designed to suit your business

Our experienced team works closely with our clients to determine each business’ specific training goals. This ensures that any chosen course is tailored to meet every requirement. Whether you would like us to slightly adapt our training programmes or a complete customisation to suit your particular business, we will tailor your training for your particular needs and budget.

Training can be delivered on an individual basis or as part of a programme. We can complete our training programmes in your building or, if required, can arrange a suitable alternative venue.

We have access to all resources across the business, should you require any additional services, non-legal training solutions or simply some advice. We can offer the relevant skills and knowledge to address any emerging issue.

Below is a selection of our training capabilities:

Legal Training & Skills

Working closely with you, we will understand your needs and then use our exceptional subject knowledge to create your personalised training solution. Any of our public programmes can be customised to suit your business or we can design training around your firm's specific requirements.

Business Development

Learn how to create a stronger understanding of your client’s needs through the creation of business development and marketing strategies. Apply these tools and tactics to implement successful, targeted campaigns.


Understand how to improve performance through the development of leadership skills and strategies, including how to motivate teams, lead through adversity and to change and foster a culture of creative thinking. Explore best practices enabling you to solve complex challenges and seize opportunities.

Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness training provides an understanding of your self-awareness. This includes approaches to problem solving and how it can influence relationships while aiding performance. Learn how to remove barriers that transform communications, while developing engaging conversations.

Performance Management

Our Performance Management training focuses on more than just the annual review of performance; we develop the understanding that successful performance management is about the continuous process of setting objectives, assessing progress and ongoing coaching to achieve all career goals.


Improve management and leader skills with emphasis on soft skills such as communication, how to negotiate and effective listening. This course also focuses on the important aspects of management such as managing people, managing finance and managing business.

Diversity & Inclusion

Learn how to appreciate the importance of developing an inclusive and diverse working environment; creating a culture of creativity and innovation that is based on diverse perspectives and experiences. Understand how to shape, design and deliver products that match your customer expectations.

Financial & Commercial Awareness

The foundation of financial and commercial awareness lies in developing an in-depth understanding of your business. Utilising this knowledge is the key to interpreting how a business can be successful, profitable and best serve its customers. By sharing this intelligence you help staff make informed decisions and better manage risk, ultimately strengthening the overall business position in the market.

Employee Engagement

Understand how to develop the best approach to engage employees, ensuring commitment to your organisation's goals and values. These approaches contribute to a highly motivated and satisfied workforce. Discover how success is built on the people that you employ.

Induction & On-boarding

Successful induction and on-boarding of staff that you employ is important for achieving business growth targets. Learn to inform and educate new staff members, helping to improve retention and increase productivity. Using essential tools to engage new hires, streamline induction and aid compliance, enabling staff to contribute quickly to the business.

Further information?
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Altior Experience

We have vast experience in legal training and assessment and have been developing legal talent for over 35 years.

We help those in the legal sector achieve their professional development and career goals and excel in their field.

Our programmes offer an interactive and practical learning experience that delivers lasting results and is easily put into practice.

When tailoring programmes, we take the time to understand your business and create solutions to suit your unique training needs.

Strong client service is at the heart of our business and underpins everything we do. It's what sets us apart from other providers.


Altior have always been exemplary and they truly understand the meaning of great client service; nothing is too much effort. They are always a pleasure to deal with.

Trainee Recruitment Manager. Inn Group