Continuing Professional Development Training

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Altior provide a wide range of specialist courses for those in the legal sector to continue their professional development. Our courses ensure that you maintain competence appropriate to your professional responsibilities and personal career goals.

Continuing Professional Development

Following the introduction of the Continuing Competence scheme from the SRA, Lawyers are no longer required to count CPD hours. The updated regime now requires legal professionals to reflect on their skills and learning needs and address the gaps with appropriate CPD activity.

At Altior, we provide a wide range of specialist courses to assist lawyers in meeting the SRA’s requirements for legal CPD. Our courses ensure that you maintain competence appropriate to your professional responsibilities and personal career goals.

Our legal continuing professional development (CPD) solutions involve a number of training methods that include tutor-led presentations, free-associated thinking, discussions, group work, case studies, role play/scenarios and practical exercises. Through the unique design of our CPD training for legal professionals, we offer a highly engaging and long-lasting learning experience. Our courses are available as both public and in-house deliveries and available to complete as a full-day course or two half-day sessions.

Below is a guide to help you structure, focus and address your learning and development needs.

  • Reflect on your skills to identify any learning needs. You might want to refer to the competence statement when doing this. It's important to remember that the competence statement is generic and you will need to apply it to your particular practice.

  • Plan how you will address and record your learning needs, identifying suitable learning activities and how you will carry them out.

  • Address your learning needs with our skills based courses

  • Evaluate how the learning activity has met the learning need you identified and how you can incorporate the new knowledge and skills into your firm.

  • Record how you have carried out this process. The record demonstrates that you have taken steps to ensure your ongoing competence. You may wish to use our PDP form to assist you in recording your progress.

In order to make the process as easy as possible, we've provided you with a template to help reflect, plan, address and then record your CPC progress. Please click the button below to download the template.

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Encouraged to participate in group exercises which develops learning and understanding. Content was extremely relevant to areas of practice.

Negotiation Skills course, February 2015