Commercial Awareness for Lawyers

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This one-day course is aimed at trainee solicitors in all disciplines, who wish to develop their understanding of their clients’ businesses and the business of their law firm. The course will take you through various tools that can be used to identify the commercial environment in which your clients and law firm are operating, and to develop commercial acumen, which will help you deliver legal advice which aligns with a client’s commercial circumstances and the wider business strategy of your law firm.

Locations and Dates

Live Online – 13 June 2024 (fully booked – contact team to discuss waiting lists)

Live Online – 30 September 2024

Key Benefits
  • Demonstrate a better understanding of your client’s business strategy, and the challenges it faces, in a commercial context
  • Improve your ability to give advice that is practical, commercial and contextualised to your client’s needs
  • Demonstrate a better understanding of your law firm’s business strategy, and the challenges it faces, in a competitive environment
  • Develop your understanding of the role that you play in your law firm’s business and the contribution you make to its success.
Format & Delivery
Topics Covered
Prior Knowledge


Everyone attending this course must complete the preparatory exercises, in order to:-

  • Satisfy the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA)’s requirement in relation to distance learning if you are taking advantage of this option; and
  • Introduce certain key elements of the course in order to provide a basis for discussion on the day.

Please note that the preparation will be used as reference and discussion points during the day, facilitating group discussions and enabling you to move on to explore important concepts in greater detail.  Failure to complete the exercises will, therefore, not allow you to derive maximum benefit from the training and may limit your ability to participate in group activities.


The post-coursework for this course requires you to complete a Personal Development Plan (PDP).  By completing the PDP, you will reflect on the knowledge and skills developed by attending this course, and plan and record ongoing learning and development needs, as required by the SRA’s continuing competence regime.

SRA Competences

B3        Develop and advise on relevant options, strategies and solutions

C2        Establish and maintain effective and professional relations with clients

C3        Establish and maintain effective and professional relations with other people

D3        Apply good business practice.