Immigration & Asylum: Essential Skills

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This intensive one-day course provides an up-to-date overview of immigration and asylum law.  Building on an explanation of the key sources of law, it equips you with some of the essential skills required to take meaningful instructions, provide advice and take conduct of matters.

The course provides training material, along with opportunities for discussion and practical scenario exercises, which are designed to help you understand recent developments in the law and deal with issues which commonly arise in practice.


The course is both an elective topic within the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA)’s Professional Skills Course (PSC) for trainee, newly qualified and qualified solicitors and a useful tool for any immigration law practitioners wishing to brush up on or expand their knowledge and skills in this area.

Key Benefits

  • An understanding of the sources of law which govern immigration and asylum matters
  • An understanding of important recent developments in immigration and asylum law
  • Analytical skills to identify the options when advising clients
  • Analytical skills to better conduct immigration and asylum applications and appeals.
Locations and Dates

TBC: Please contact us for future course dates

Format & Delivery

Legal/Knowledge Skills

Topics Covered
  • Immigration Law and Practice
    • The Immigration Rules and Other Sources of Law;
    • Article 8 – European Convention on Human Rights;
    • Appeals, Administrative Review and Judicial Review; and
    • Detention, Removal and Deportation.
  • Asylum Law and Practice
    • The Refugee Convention and International Protection
    • Establishing Credibility
    • Fresh Asylum and Human Rights Claims.
Prior Knowledge

Some prior knowledge of immigration and asylum law will be beneficial to delegates.


Pre-Course Work  

For delegates taking the course as an elective topic within the PSC, SRA regulations make it compulsory to complete and submit a distance learning exercise three working days before the day of the course.

Other delegates are strongly recommended to complete and submit the distance learning exercise in advance, if they wish derive maximum benefit from the course.

Post-Course Work

There is no post-course work for this session.


A1        Act honestly and with integrity, in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements and the SRA Handbook and Code of Conduct

A4        Draw on a sufficient detailed knowledge and understanding of their field(s) of work and role in order to practise effectively

B1        Obtain relevant facts

B2        Undertake legal research

B3        Develop and advise on relevant options, strategies and solutions

C2        Establish and maintain effective and professional relations with clients.