Global Capital Markets

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This practical one-day course explains the broad structure of the global financial markets and the roles played by key industry participants.  It also highlights the features of, and motivations behind, equity, debt and derivative investments, and the characteristics of the market places where they are traded.  It is an invaluable course for lawyers seeking to piece together a ‘bigger picture’ of the wholesale financial market place.

The theoretical elements of the course will be brought to life by references to recent events and changes in the global markets and guidance on decoding the financial press.


This course is one of the elective modules of the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA)’s Professional Skills Course (PSC) and is designed to be taken prior to admission as a solicitor.  The course is also relevant to recently qualified lawyers and paralegals seeking to develop their skills in this growing practice area.

Key Benefits

The course provides an excellent opportunity for lawyers and those not so experienced in working with complex financial instruments to gain an understanding of the nature, requirements, risks and regulation of these instruments and the global financial market place.  The interactive nature of the course allows you to gain a full understanding of the issues and to have the confidence to ask questions in a non-threatening and co-operative environment.

Locations and Dates

Live Online – 13 May 2o24

Format & Delivery
Topics Covered
  • Guide to the Global Financial Markets
    • Investment, Commercial and Retail Banks
    • Market Players: Buy-Side and Sell-Side, Interaction and Who Does What?
    • Regulators: the Regulatory Environment and Current Regulatory Hot Topics.
  • Equity Markets
    • Major International Stock Exchanges
    • Market Participants: the Role of Investment Banks
    • Market Indices
    • Types of Share
    • Investors’ Ratios.
  • Bond Markets
    • Bond Features: Debt v Equity
    • Bond Prices and Yields
    • Credit Ratings.
  • Money Markets
    • Introduction to the Money Markets
    • Investors and Issuers.
  • Derivatives
    • Features of Futures and Options
    • Derivative Uses: Speculation, Hedging and Arbitrage.
Prior Knowledge

You will be required to complete (and if necessary submit) 5 hours of preparation work for the course, which includes some research into a number of current issues relating to global capital markets.  This will be made available to you approximately three weeks prior to the course and forms a basis to assist in discussion during the course.

Following the course, you will be required to complete (and if necessary submit) a personal development plan.

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