Advancing your law career with the Professional Skills Course

If you want to be a solicitor, you will need to complete a Professional Skills Course (PSC) as part of your training contract, building on the foundations of the Legal Practice Cours (LPC). You’re probably thinking, oh no, not more training! But rest assured it’ll all be worth it as this is the last push before you become a qualified solicitor.

We want to outline everything you need to know about the PSC, so you will know exactly what to expect and you can successfully progress to the next stage of your career.

What the course involves?

For starters, the PSC requires you to attend an equivalent of 12 days training and is made up of three compulsory core modules. Delivered during small group workshops, the course will cover vital elements of everyday practice and an additional four days of elective modules selected by you and based on your particular interests. Just so you have a clear understanding of the topic areas covered, your compulsory modules will include…

2 days of Client Care and Professional Standards

3 days of Advocacy and Communication Skills

3 days of Financial and Business Skills, including an exam

There are a range of electives to choose from and these will usually be conducted after your core modules have been completed.

When you need to complete the course?

There is no exact date to which you should complete your PSC, but we do recommend that the course should be attended after a period of solid practiced training. At least six months of full time training should be a sufficient amount of time before you can begin your core modules.

How the course functions?

Your standard compulsory modules will normally consist of face to face instruction spread over eight days through a number of months, and distributed between normal office hours. The course allows you to study at your own pace and anywhere you desire. Many trainees have found the PSC to be a very flexible program and commend the constructive support and feedback they receive from professional experienced tutors. If you prefer, you can also undertake a fast track course where the standard modules are performed over eight successive days.

What you will gain

This course enables you to develop your professional skills further and build on your training achieved with the LPC. It will also allow you to increase your knowledge within your specialisation when you complete your elective modules. Most importantly, your achievements represent the beginning of your post qualification development and mark the day you became a qualified solicitor.

To learn more about the PSC, please click here.

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