Breaking point – a familiar scene for lawyers?

Even the toughest litigator or most experienced advocate can still find themselves bucking under the strain at times, says Roy Morgan. This is the first in a series of blogs for Legal Voice

Lunch anyone? Sandwich in one hand, dictaphone in the other; phone on speaker; all in front of the laptop; papers thrust in front of you to check, amend and sign; a growing queue of staff, colleagues, miscellaneous interlopers at the turnstile that is your office door. Interruptions; intrusions; interjections – and back to court in 30 minutes.

A familiar scene? It is if you are a legal aid lawyer.

No doubt, high-flying city lawyers, negotiating their multi-billion pound takeover deal, broken only by a nap in their office sleep pods, or the treasury lawyers working into the early hours to hit the latest government deadline, or the commercial conveyancers checking the small print to complete that latest property development project, regard themselves as being at the pinnacle of the stress ladder.

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