Online learning

Can Professional Skills Be Developed Online?

When: 22 January 2021
Time: 11 am – 12 pm
Where: Online

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us to work and learn from home for the first time. But essential professional skills training can’t wait for the end of social distancing.

Additionally, many organisations across industries have adapted their approach to survive the pandemic, so learning new skills takes on added importance right now.

This interactive hour-long webinar hosted by our expert lead advocacy trainer Roy Morgan will explore whether professional skills can be developed whilst learning virtually.

Questions that will be answered:
Labourer to Lawyer?……….Plumber to Poet? …………Salesman to Surgeon?  

  • Can you learn any skill on-line? 
  • How to choose the right online course for you? 
  • Can you develop online professional skills to qualify? 
  • What are the benefits of on-line v. class-skills development? 
  • Do we have a choice?

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