Conducting a Trial in the Magistrates’ Court

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This interactive course involves preparation for and participation in a mock Criminal trial in the Magistrates’ Court.

You will undertake various advocacy roles and will be given guidance and feedback throughout from the trainer.

It will prepare you to conduct your trials with confidence and professionalism.


This course is suitable for both new and aspiring entrants to the profession looking to conduct court work.  It stands alone, but also builds on the learning acquired from the preliminary course, Finding Your Feet in the Magistrates’ Court.

It is also suitable for trainee solicitors who have completed the Advocacy & Communication Skills module of the Professional Skills Course with intentions of practising in the field of Criminal law, including advocacy in the Magistrates’ Court.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn how to properly conduct a Magistrates’ Court hearing and improve your confidence and ability.

Locations and Dates

Live Online – 4 December 2024

Format & Delivery
  • Advocacy Basic

You will be sent a case study in advance to acquaint yourself with the facts in readiness for the course.  You will be assigned various roles to perform that may include a combination of speeches, evidence in chief, cross-examination, making submissions or applications.  You will be tasked to prepare fully for the trial just as you would in practice.

Initial guidance is given by the trainer on the various aspects of a Magistrates’ court trial.  You then prepare within teams, with guidance from the trainer, in readiness to perform your roles during the mock trial.

At appropriate stages, individual constructive feedback from the trainer is given to allow you to reflect upon your performance and build upon it, throughout the trial.

Topics Covered
  • Preparation of Trial Strategy Plans;
  • Opening the Case – Prosecution and Defence Duties;
  • Questioning of Witnesses;
  • Presentation of Evidence;
  • Legal Submissions and Responses;
  • Admissibility of Evidence Arguments;
  • Incisive Cross-Examination;
  • Protecting Your Witness;
  • Trial Tactics; and
  • Closing Speeches.
Prior Knowledge

Completion of the PSC advocacy module to provide the basics of conducting a trial in the Magistrates’ Court.

Beneficial to have been involved in the requisite area of law.


Pre-Course Work

Reading the case study in advance will enable you to contribute and work in teams in preparation to take part in the mock trial.

Extracts of legal provisions and guidance on legal submissions/applications are included.

You will also have been given guidance on a pre-trial strategy plan.

Post-Course Work

Discussion at the end of the day, including analysis of the outcome, will help you to reflect on the skills needed to conduct a summary trial and the help derived from your trial strategy plan.  You will be able to review your original plan in light of lessons learnt from the course.

Subsequent reflection on skills learnt and how they can be applied in practice.