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This course is specifically designed to take you beyond the SRA Competency Statement addressing learning needs in in the crucial area of managing the firm as an economic entity.

The key business competence (D3: Apply good business practice) may seem straightforward – but as Peter Drucker wrote: “Management must always, in every decision and action, put economic performance first.  It can only justify its existence and its authority by the economic result it produces”.  This course addresses two key drivers of economic performance – strategy and finance.

The future of your firm depends on people making the right decisions, at the right time, and having a plan to successfully implement the changes to achieve the prosperity for all stakeholders – this course will share best practice so book on today!

Locations and Dates

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This course will be of key benefit to professionals that what to explore some of the key drivers of economic prosperity, lead teams effectively, and help them build their professionalism and contribution to the firm.

Learning Outcomes

Being able to manage the firm, applying good business practice, is a key milestone in a professional career.  The style of this course is dynamic, interactive and hands-on, allowing you to explore vital economic concepts to improving your individual performance and applying them to managing the key talent in today’s legal practice.

In particular, after attending this course, you will:

  • Use a model for leadership in the department or firm to steer a clear path forward;
  • Influence the ‘rules’ that drive economic performance in the firm;
  • Apply the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ specifically to the firm;
  • Investigate short and long term profitability drivers in the firm; and

Apply a strategy development tool in practice in their work area.

Topics Covered

The topics will include:

  • Applying a model for leadership to drive improvements in your firm;
  • The five key ‘RULES’ that drive economic performance – and how to affect each;
  • The ‘Balanced Scorecard’ applied to your firm; and
  • ‘Health’ and ‘Hygiene’ in the firm – and evaluation of activity in their work area.

The course is designed so that time on the session is focused on the application of practical ideas to real-world challenges in your workplace.

Prior to the course, we encourage you to complete a self-assessment questionnaire, to explore your preferred style of team engagement.  This will be re-visited during the course, when you will have opportunity to discuss your result with your peers.


Following the course, we encourage you to complete Kaplan Altior’s Personal Development Plan (PDP).  In line with the SRA Statement of Solicitor Competence, our PDP helps you identify, plan, address, evaluate and record your learning and development needs and activities in relation to management skills.


D3       Apply good business practice.