Making the most of your training course

The reason you decided to attend a training course in the first place was to develop your skills as a solicitor. Generally, there are good and bad ways to approach your course, and this generally boils down to preparation, attitude, engagement and reflection. When you follow these steps you can be sure to leave with new insights and a range of transferable skills you can clearly put into practice.

Be prepared

Preparation is key – ensure you understand the major elements of the course, make sure you have the necessary stationery, plan your route to the course in advance, and arrive early. If you are in doubt of any steps you need to take in advance contact your training provider customer services team.

Essentially, before you leave your home be armed and ready with everything you need to aid your learning experience.

Be engaged and focussed

There’s little point in attending the course if all the information given is going in one ear and out the other. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and prepare your bag the night before so all you have to do is grab and go. Lack of sleep seriously affects your concentration, be sure you stay as focussed as possible with the required 8 hours sleep.

Take clear and coherent notes

One of the most detrimental issues for any learning experience can be the notes we take during the training course. If once the course is finished you go back to your notes and you can’t understand a single thing you wrote down, then the whole day was a complete waste of time. Make sure your writing is easy to understand and you’re noting the most important points highlighted. If on the other hand you’re happier typing, then you’re more than welcome to use a laptop if this is easier for you. You may be offered support with a tutor following your course so make sure to make use of this opportunity.

Relate the training to your own work

During the course, start thinking about the ways you can apply the skills to your everyday working life. Is there a particular case you’re working on which could benefit from the techniques you discovered in the course?

Ask questions to clarify if you need to

If you’re unsure of a certain topic covered or you need some clarification, don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask the question. Remember, the tutor is there to ensure you fully understand each and every point so you can further yourself in your career.

Enjoy yourself

Enter the room with a positive attitude and simply enjoy the experience. This will go a long way in to ensuring you get the most out of your course and come away with skills you can put in to practice. In some cases you may have been sent rather reluctantly by your law firm, but if you embrace the course and involve yourself you’ll have a fantastic day and the knowledge you need to impress your employers.

Reflect on what you’ve learnt

Reflection is an important aspect of the course as you evaluate your notes and put your newly found knowledge in to real circumstances. Compile your notes after the course is completed and use this as a beneficial step towards better helping your clients and furthering your career.

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