PSC Meet the Delegate: Anwar Khan

Undertaking a Professional Skills Course (PSC) can be an important part of the development journey for those looking to qualify as a practising solicitor. For our blog this week, we wanted to share the experience of Anwar Khan, a commercial contracts lawyer in a Local Government Authority. He undertook his training in both face-to-face classrooms and through our virtual classroom, Live Online. Over to Anwar…



What’s your name, job role and company?
Anwar Khan, Commercial Contracts Lawyer in a Local Government Authority.

How long have you worked in this role?
Over a year.

Describe what your role entails?
I advise on public procurement, commercial contracts, construction contracts and major regeneration and growth projects.

Where are you based?
I am based in Buckinghamshire.


What is/ was your overall development goal?
To reach my career goal of qualifying as a Solicitor through Solicitors Regulation Authority admission.

Have you faced any challenges in reaching this goal? If so, what were they?Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful, as many have been, in obtaining a Training Contract with a law firm or accredited legal body. I was able to achieve Fellowship status via CILEx and accredited to practice as a Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer. After much practical experience in a legal advisory role and submissions of portfolios, as well as completing my LPC and LLB, I am now closer to reaching my career goal by completing the Professional Skills Course with Altior.


How did you first hear about Altior?
Altior was recommended to me by a friend.

Why did you choose to attend this PSC course?
Flexible and the Live Online course offering.

What did you think of the training structure Altior provided?
It was well-structured and organised.

How did you find the Live Online delivery?
Engaging and very easy to follow.

Would you choose to undertake your learning through Live Online again? Why?
Yes, as this not only allows to work at the comfort of home or at work but also saves travel costs.

What were the highlights of the course for you?
I very much enjoyed the techniques taught and applying them in cross-examination in the Advocacy course of the PSC course.

What did you think of your tutor’s approach?
They were engaging and taught with a view to apply practically at work, which helped me to understand the subject more.

Did you find the learning resources helpful? And if so, in what way?
Yes, the content was available before the course start dates to allow students to familiarise with materials before classes.

What have you gained from undertaking the course and obtaining the PSC qualification?
More practical tips to apply in a professional legal department as well as theoretical knowledge to assist in legal queries.


Would you recommend Altior to a colleague and why?
Yes, because of the great support I received from the Altior administration team with all of my queries. Furthermore, the engaging and practical teaching from the tutors and trainers.

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