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First PSC Live Online Course

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Negotiation Skills for Lawyers

In a world where we are negotiating every day, this course highlights the key principles and strategies you can use when you negotiate in a professional capacity, to ensure you achieve a successful outcome.

Negotiation Skills for Lawyers will prepare you to approach each negotiation with confidence, by teaching you how to prepare thoroughly, using and applying key strategies.

This course will look at the two different types of negotiation theories, different types of negotiations and the characteristics and styles of negotiators. 


This course is aimed at trainee solicitors to 3 years PQE, who would like to learn more about how to improve their negotiation skills.

If you are new to negotiating in a professional capacity or just looking to improve your skills, this course is aimed at you.

Key Benefits

  • Know about the two different negotiation theories
  • Understand what your personality style is in relation to the negotiation styles
  • Create strategies for a negotiation which will help you create options
  • Deal with nerves and fears in a controlled manner
  • Know how to deal with difficult questions.

Price £165


per delegate
(excludes vat)

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Continued Competence


Helps satisfy elements of the SRA statement


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