Tailored training for your firm’s objectives

With 60% of business owners realising the importance of up-skilling their team to stay ahead in their market, training is becoming increasingly pivotal to business success. However, the competitive and high-pressure nature of the legal industry doesn’t always allow solicitors to dedicate enough time to ongoing personal and professional development alongside their daily fee-earning activities. As managers, it’s critical that you look for innovative solutions to hone your team’s skills and improve performance whilst minimising the number of billable hours lost to vital training. From enabling multiple members of your team to receive training at the same time, to shaping the course according to your firm’s specific needs/schedule and blending face-to-face and online learning – bespoke in-house training courses could be the perfect solution for your firm. Here’s why…

Pinpoint your firm’s issues
Statistics show that every year, businesses lose $13.5 million due to investment in ineffective training that doesn’t reflect the business’ needs. This is prevalent in the legal industry. When working in a large firm which offers a variety of services, often individuals within each department will have specific learning requirements. Opting for a bespoke training programme will ensure it meets your firm’s issues and needs. But that’s not all. As outlined by The Guardian, in today’s ever-changing learning environment, it’s quite common to see business goals and targets changing regularly. That’s where our tailored approach comes into play. The content of our courses can be adjusted and shaped according to your organisation’s targets, whether you’re focusing on technical legal training, management, advocacy training or something else entirely, and we will match the right trainer to your objectives to ensure that your staff get the expert training they need. So by setting out specific objectives for your business and designing training to reflect these, you will ensure that you invest time and money in the right courses that can truly benefit you and your team, all delivered to your door.

Maintain your firm’s profitability and achieve a better ROI
Surprising research recently shared by Hr Grapevine, reports that some employees would rather call in sick than attend a training course if it involves them having to pay for expenses beforehand to get to the course . Not only does this waste investment in the training, but it can also have a wider impact, reducing overall productivity and hindering your firm’s success. With internal training, the cost of travel and accommodation would be drastically reduced, allowing your team to feel more comfortable as they won’t be expected to cover any upfront costs. As well as being a cost-effective option, internal training can also free up more time to dedicate to your clients. After all, taking a personalised approach allows you to train multiple team members at the same time and create a schedule that suits you and the team. This may involve spreading the training courses over months or if you prefer, condensing it all into a couple of weeks or days – it’s completely up to you.

Connect and learn
Balancing training and work can be tricky, and time has always been a challenge when it comes to ongoing professional development. In such a fast-paced industry, we know that billable hours and profitability are key considerations for the firm and it’s often difficult to allocate time to attend external courses. Instead, in-house training gives you and your team the flexibility needed so that you don’t lose any precious time. If you are choosing tailored training, we also provide the option to undertake lessons online, blending face-to-face and online learning experiences where appropriate. Live Online is the perfect platform for those who struggle to find the time to physically attend a course or perhaps prefer to learn via a more digital route. We also offer follow up sessions through Live Online which can help you to gauge how useful the training programme has been. Learners will be able to access the platform remotely (with just an internet connection) and review the materials at the end of each session, all from the comfort of their desk (or home should they prefer).

Deliver up-to-date knowledge
Technology has weaved its way into the legal industry and research shows that 48% of legal firms have already implemented AI software in their business to review legal documents and for due diligence processes. With this in mind, it’s crucial that your team are aware of how to best utilise lawtech capabilities. Offering training to your team is essential in keeping them up to date with the latest developments and an in-house approach can help you to demonstrate the key ways in which technology or new trends can be implemented within your firm. Internal training programmes can also help to build a culture of learning in your business and will encourage your team to seek new opportunities outside working hours to meet their aspirations, stay ahead of industry trends and develop their knowledge and soft skills. Considering the development of your employees, whether this is for business purposes or their personal ambitions, is a crucial step to take in order to keep your firm at the forefront of your industry.

In-house and/or tailored training can be highly beneficial for your business as it allows you to cut down on costs whilst ensuring that your team is always up to date with the latest developments in training. A tailored approach with a blended option of classroom and online learning can offer you the chance to focus on your firm’s specific requirements without losing those valuable billable hours, helping to keep the firm profitable. If you’d like to know more about our in-house training, speak to a member of our team today. Call us on 02920 451 000 or email us at infoaltior@barbri.com

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