Things to consider when choosing the right online course for you

To say it’s ‘tough out there’ is perhaps one of the greatest understatements of all time. With unemployment levels at a record low and competition for jobs at an all-time high, the need to find ways to boost your profile as a candidate of choice has never been greater.

One of the most effective and proven ways of achieving this is by looking at the role you are currently performing – is it evolving, are there gaps either in your existing skill set or those within your department, and what skills will be needed further down the line both in your current role and the one after that?

Armed with this information, you can then set about identifying the methodology by which you can acquire them – the most convenient being via online learning.

Now the challenge is to find the right course that will deliver what you need.

Online learning has enjoyed a boom in recent years, with figures suggesting a four-fold rise in the number of professionals undertaking courses over the last 10 years. It also has innumerable benefits, too. From your perspective, you have the convenience of being able to study at a time that fits with your existing work and family commitments.

For your employer, they benefit from having a member of the team who is not only committed to their profession and prepared to learn the skills that can plug some of the gaps that exist within the organisation, they also get this without disruption to that employee’s normal working time.

But how do you know the online course you’ve opted into is valuable? Here are some top tips to consider when choosing the right online course for you.

Ensure your qualification is recognised

There would be nothing more frustrating than undertaking a course that you have committed to over a sustained period of time only to find that it isn’t a professionally-recognised or accredited course. Or, worse still, one that has little or no value to your current or future employer. If you’re unsure, do some research into the course – especially if you are funding it yourself and make sure those running the course are an experienced training provider..

Compare and contrast

The online learning marketplace is incredibly competitive and the only way to identify the right course for you is by doing your homework. Set your criteria for what you want to get from a course and benchmark this against each training provider you find. You are about to invest both time and money in your learning, so ensure that the course you choose  matches your requirements, is at the right level and ultimately will become a big plus on your CV.


Course lengths vary in time, but time is a precious commodity that few people working in the profession have very much of. Focusing on your own continuous professional development (CPD) is important for career progression, but it doesn’t always have to be so time-consuming. There are distance learning courses that can be completed in as little as one day that carry the same if not more professional kudos than those that take several days, weeks or even months to complete – as long as you study with the right provider of course.

Never underestimate an online course

The internet has opened up a world of opportunity for practitioners to better manage and advance their careers, particularly when it comes to professional study. While there are a plethora of courses available to study, those considering their options need to seriously consider the amount of study time they may need to commit and the online learning format. Altior aims to break its courses into bitesize chunks and ensures that its Live Online courses are as interactive as being in the classroom through numerous online interactive applications which are built into our delivery platform.


When studying at university, students have access to libraries, tutors, lecturers and general resources. While studying at home some people could feel these resources are limited, they’re not! With search engines, public libraries, online lectures and help from your course provider, you can thrive when completing an online course, the same as you would at University.

An online qualification could be the difference between you and one other candidate securing the role. At Altior, we offer a wide choice of specialist legal training and professional development courses to suit your chosen career pathway. Whatever stage in your career, our courses will help to develop, sharpen and maintain your skills and knowledge. Our training is practical and highly interactive.

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