Top tips for standing out in the law industry

The law industry is a seriously competitive place, and you are likely now in a position where you’re keen to flaunt your skills to stand out in your field. Once your potential customers begin to recognise you in a very positive light, that’s when the magic starts to happen and you can make a real name for yourself. Here are our top tips to help you get noticed as a real contender in the law industry…

Show off your personality

It’s a fact; your clients like to work with real people. Traditionally solicitors and law firms were seen as rather soulless with a highly professional attitude. Although you should hold a certain degree of professionalism and authority to ensure your client’s confidence in your abilities, they also need to be able to connect with you and know that you’re a real person who cares about their needs.

There’s a time and a place to demonstrate your personality; holding your own blog and contributing to social media sites will allow you to push your more human side, while you keep your main web pages to highlight what it is you offer as a service.

Demonstrate thought leadership

When you regularly broadcast your expert knowledge to the masses through a range of platforms, you will not only put yourself as ‘top of mind’ when people need the service you offer, you will also give your customer the assurance they need to affirm you’re the best person for the job. Demonstrating thought leadership will inspire trust and credibility, two perfect qualities to ensure your potential clients choose you over your competition.

Similar to the way in which you would show off your personality, embracing social media and writing on your blog are fantastic ways to highlight your expert knowledge, as well as guest posting, podcasts, articles and white papers. By circulating your specialist advice for free, you get people talking about your brand and you become the one and only person or firm to work with in your field.

Be competitive

There’s no harm in researching the competition to decipher how you can gain a competitive edge and what you can do to surpass others. Being competitive is part of business; you can’t target everyone but you can target potential clients according to your specialisation and geographical area. Your potential clients will be researching different law firms to weigh up many different factors including areas of expertise and price, so don’t be afraid to investigate other firm’s prices etc to give you a competitive advantage.

Exceptional client relations

One clear way you can stand out above the rest is to demonstrate exceptional client relations. No-one likes poor customer service; the modern age has brought about a certain type of client who demands more interaction and no longer has the patience to wait for anything. It’s the little things that count – respond quickly when your client contacts you, show empathy for your client at their difficult time, and always inform them of the progress of their case through every stage of the process. Clients no longer want their lawyers simply to advise them on technical aspects of the law, they want them to be trusted business advisors. Therefore you need to stay in top of industry news and be seen as a person of influence and knowledge in the sectors that impact your clients.

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