John Loosemore



John has enjoyed several fulfilling and overlapping careers in the law.  He founded and built the law firm Loosemores Solicitors, where he practised for 25 years, specialising in employment law.  John also has many years’ experience of judging appeals in sports law and social security.

During his time in private practice, John was at the forefront of the debate in the future of the profession, including the evolving marketing and management roles of solicitors.  In 1979, he set up Lawyers Planning Services, now BARBRI Altior, where he pioneered and developed training for lawyers in management, financial, advocacy and communication skills.

As a consultant, John has continued to advise numerous law firms and individual lawyers on practice management, partnership, and alternative structures issues.  He has also spoken to many thousands of lawyers at conferences in the UK and across the world.



  • Advocacy & Communication Skills
  • Client Care
  • Professional Standards