Why undertake a Trainee Litigation Programme?

The Trainee Litigation Programme and who it’s for

All areas of law fall into one of two camps: contentious or non-contentious. Some sectors will fall into both – for example, conveyancing is a non-contentious area because it’s transactional, but an argument over a property boundary is contentious because there is a dispute.

During a training contract, you may not be exposed to contentious areas of law as much as you’d like, or you may want to develop your experience in such areas further. That’s why we developed the Trainee Litigation Programme, which focuses on contentious practice skills.

Who is the Trainee Litigation Programme for?

The Trainee Litigation Programme is available to all trainee solicitors (even those who don’t necessarily want to practice in a contentious area), people looking for further advocacy tuition, and it’s also suitable if you’re seeking litigation experience for in-house legal departments. It is a comprehensive programme, and you will be expected to have the foundation knowledge of litigation that’s taught on the LPC and the Advocacy and Communication Skills module of the PSC. The programme is incredibly valuable because trainees get an equivalent experience to what they would gain during a contentious seat but over a much shorter time. The course is commercially focused, so if you’re not in a commercial firm or you don’t want to do commercially related work, you may want to check how applicable it would be to you before enrolling.

What’s involved in the Programme?

The course has been designed to replicate how a solicitor would deal with a typical commercial contentious matter. Here’s what you can expect:

  • 5 days’ of tuition from an experienced team of trainers – they all have contentious law and advocacy experience so you’ll learn from those who have actually run their own caseloads
  • Working through a commercial case study with your tutor – increase your confidence by learning step by step how to approach a contentious issue
  • Running several realistic cases (based on actual cases) of your own – improve your case management and decision making skills by taking instructions from a role play client, dealing with any issues that arise through the process, and making decisions as if you were the litigator on a real case
  • Receiving expert advice and feedback throughout – so you know where your strengths are and what areas you can work on improving back in the workplace
  • Opportunity to undertake case visits to see genuine advocacy by experienced practitioners in action

Altior is a leading provider of advocacy and litigation skills training, so if you think the Trainee Litigation Programme could be for you, or you’d like more details or course dates, get in touch with Barbara Anderson on 029 2045 1000 or email

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