ACCA Meet the Delegate: Nigel Reynolds

We know that those operating within the accountancy sector want to create a well-rounded service for their clients. This is where an ACCA Probate and Estate Administration course can prove most beneficial, allowing accountants to apply to practice probate for the first time, helping them to offer an additional, valued consultancy service. We recently caught up with one of our ACCA delegates, Nigel Reynolds of Reynolds and Co, to learn more about his experience of the course and why this was so important to his professional progression.


What is your name?
Nigel Reynolds


What job role do you currently hold and at what company?


Describe your role at the company?
I am responsible for all technical matters and for business development


Where is this business based?
Solihull, West Midlands


How long have you been operating in this industry?
Since leaving school



What is/ was your overall development goal?
To develop my skills so that we can provide the range of services that clients are looking for.  The traditional services that accountants and tax advisers provide will over time be eroded by increasing use of technology. It is important therefore to always be looking for business areas which can be developed.


Have you faced any challenges in reaching this goal? If so, what were they?
The main challenge has been from finding a way that I could train without losing too much time from the business.


How did you first hear about Altior?
An email from ACCA advising of this course


Why did you choose to undertake your ACCA training with Altior?
I have been on courses previously and have found them to be well structured with the right technical level as well.


What did you think of Altior’s online training structure ‘Live Online’? –
The online training was easy to use and saved the inconvenience of having to travel to a training room.  This saved on both the cost of travelling as well as the time and stress (if held up in traffic) of travelling.  Using the online training was far more relaxing and I learnt more from it.  The question feature allowed myself and other delegates to ask questions of the presenter plus being able to view a copy of the presentation afterwards allowed me to re-listen to what was actually said without simply relying on notes.


What were the highlights of the course for you?
The ease of use of the online presentation as well as being able to replay the presentation to refresh my memory of what was said.  This meant that rather than taking detailed notes, I could focus on listening and learning.


Did you find the learning resources helpful? And if so, in what way?
The learning resources were helpful as I could read through these prior to the presentation.  This gave me an understanding of the subject which meant that what the lecturer covered was easier to understand.  Plus, when the lecturer added things which were not in the notes (practical aspects, for example) that added even more value to the presentation.


Would you recommend Altior to a colleague and why?
Yes, because of the ease of use and available resources.


What were the results of your course?
I passed the exam so can now apply for registration to offer the new services to clients.


How do you feel the course benefitted your overall goals?
It has allowed me to build on a new service and also given me the confidence to use this service from Kaplan/ Altior in connection with any other training that I want to undertake.


What are your next steps in your career?
Initially to build on this qualification but probably to add to my tax knowledge and qualifications


Has this encouraged you to continue your development through training?


Where do you see yourself in five years?
A difficult question, but hopefully having completed a couple of books I am working on….

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