Choosing the right training provider for your PSC

The Professional Skills Course (PSC)is a crucial development step for trainee solicitors. In fact, it’s the final piece of compulsory training that you’ll have to undertake before becoming a qualified solicitor. As a course which holds so much importance in a professional career in the legal sector, it’s essential to choose a training provider that can deliver high quality training to guide you through this final stage with ease. There are many reasons why Altior is the ideal provider for the job but below are just a few pointers, to help make your selection simpler.


Going the extra mile
With so many things to consider when making training choices we pride ourselves on providing an extremely responsive service, answering all enquiries and bookings within 24 hours to help make decision-making even easier.   We go above and beyond to tailor your experience; whether it’s blended learning, support with putting together a tailored package to meet your needs or quite simply being a sounding board for guidance.


Pick and mix training options
Altior has a range of options available to you to complete your course in your time, at your chosen location and in the way you prefer to learn. Our PSC course can be undertaken via face to face classroom sessions or via or Live Online Learning platform. This means that even if there isn’t a course on your doorstep we can bring the PSC to your office or your home via our online platform. We can also help you to tailor a package of training to suit your needs by completing all core modules and electives in a fast track option or by spreading your training out across a number of months or the full two years of your training contract. You can also choose from studying 2 or 4 electives to meet the 24 hour requirement and our 2 elective option has a distance learning element to minimise the time you spend out of the office. Our team will go the extra mile to ensure that we create a bespoke training plan that works just for you.


Flexible learning
Dedicating time to face-to-face classroom learning can prove difficult, especially if you’re already in a busy job role in the legal sector, limiting the time available to spend away from your desk. However, with Altior, you can undertake core training modules with our Live Online system, including Client Care & Professional standards in four three hour sessions or Financial & Business Skills in six three hour sessions and a face to face exam. This flexible learning model gives you the freedom to learn in a way that’s best suited to you and fits around any workplace restrictions.


SRA approved
As an accredited SRA PSC provider since its introduction, we have a proven track record of delivering quality training. With both our face-to-face learning and the Live Online courses earning the accreditation, the course content delivers exceptional training to help mould the next generation of solicitors in a supportive and encouraging environment.


Fast track to success
Not everyone has the time to spare to spread a development course out across several weeks or months, especially when you’re striving to become qualified as efficiently as possible, whether that’s for personal reasons or to meet company requirements. We completely understand that, which is why we have a fast track option available for those learners looking for a quicker process. This allows you to complete the three core modules face-to-face in just eight days at one of our city centre venues, helping you to become qualified at a faster rate.

It’s crucial to choose a training provider that aligns with your needs, whether you’re a business or individual. Your PSC learning choice shouldn’t be made lightly; it can help shape the next step in your career and mould the solicitor you’ll become. But don’t worry; Altior will be there with you, every step of the way.

For more information about our PSC courses and how it can benefit trainee solicitors, visit: https://altior.co.uk/public-training-programmes/professional-skills-course

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