Choosing your PSC elective modules

The Professional Skills course(PSC) for trainee solicitors can be an incredibly exciting time. It’s the final stage of training prior to becoming officially qualified as a solicitor, allowing you to bravely take the next step in your career. But as it’s the final hurdle in your two years as a trainee solicitor, this step could all-too-easily be seen as ‘going through the motions’, especially when it comes to choosing your elective modules. Yet, these should not be chosen lightly as your elective modules can play a key role in your career specialisms. They can also provide you with valuable insights to your potential career path moving forward. So, if you’re trying to make that all important decision, here are some key considerations for you to ponder.

Use experience to guide you
Elective modules will usually begin after completing your core modules. This can be useful in terms of allowing you additional consideration time but your core modules can also spark a little inspiration or interest in other areas of the law which you may not have previously considered or experienced. If you’re undertaking this training as part of a training contract, you’ll also want to ensure that you research what skills your firm will be looking for specifically. So if you’re undecided, use this time wisely to make an informed decision instead of a rushed choice.


Pick topics that will interest you
You need to complete 24 hours of elective modules in total, with at least 12 of those hours being completed through face-to-face tuition. With all of this time focused around your elective options, you’ll want to enjoy and remain enthusiastic about what you’re learning, not feel as though you’re wasting your time or just ticking a box. Wherever possible, strive to choose modules which will truly interest you.

Future-proof your career
Lawyers need to be driven in order to succeed in a highly competitive industry, that’s a given. Therefore, these choices can demonstrate your commitment to your career and potentially to your future employer. Ensure you choose electives that will have longevity in your career and will provide you with the necessary skills needed for optimum progression, whether you want to practice commercial law, employment, criminal litigation or many others.


Remember your back-ups
Although we pride ourselves on being incredibly accommodating, sometimes, certain electives and dates can get booked up very quickly. In preparation for the worst case scenario, we recommend choosing back-up options to your preferred electives for additional security. We’ll always look to get you onto your first choice electives but these courses operate on a first come, first serve basis so it’s always best to plan ahead.

With over 35 year’s experience in legal training, we understand that you’ll want to start your career as a qualified solicitor in the best position possible and your PSC electives can truly help you to do that. This is because your chosen modules alongside your core training structure can prove to be strong building blocks for your future career progression and overall personal development. For more information about our PSC courses, contact us today by calling: 02920 451000 or emailing:

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