CILEx Criminal Proceedings Advocacy Skills

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BARBRI Altior is currently the only training provider authorised by CILEx Regulation to deliver a qualification scheme that allows you to gain litigation practice rights in criminal proceedings in England and Wales.

In order to become qualified as a CILEx Litigator and Chartered Legal Executive Advocate you are required to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding, experience and skills in criminal litigation and advocacy. If you wish to work in an independent CILEx Regulation regulated entity, you will also need to demonstrate this knowledge and skill in practice management and accounts management at Level 1.

Once you have completed the process and have been approved by CILEx Regulation to conduct litigation and advocacy in criminal proceedings you will be able to undertake the activities set out on your certificate for Open Court Advocacy on behalf of a regulated entity.

Our training will provide sufficient support that will assist you in completing and passing the advocacy skills course in the practice area in which you seek rights. Courses in criminal advocacy rights will take 6 days.

If you intend to set up your own practice; you must also seek regulation of your entity.
You can also apply for advocacy rights in one of the following pathways:

  • Family litigation pathway
  • Civil litigation pathway

Key Benefits

As a CILEx Litigator you can:

  • Provide the full range of litigation services to your clients in your area of law – without supervision
  • Undertake advocacy for your clients
  • Be recognised as a competent practitioner
  • Use the title CILEx Litigator and Chartered Legal Executive Advocate
  • Apply to CILEx Regulation for authorisation to set up your own regulated business offering litigation services.
  • Be part of a recognised and regulated community, with the assurance that your clients, you and your business are protected by independent regulation.
Locations and Dates

TBC: Please contact us for future course dates

Who should attend?

To gain advocacy practice rights you must satisfy certain criteria which include:

Being a Chartered Legal Executive or a Graduate member working towards Fellowship to seek advocacy rights. Note, however, that you can only be authorised as a Chartered Legal Executive Litigator and Advocate once you have obtained Fellowship of CILEx. Satisfying CILEx Regulation that you have met their stated competencies.

Completion of and passing the Advocacy Skills Course in the practice area in which you seek rights.

Visit CILEx website for further information about qualifying as a CILEx Legal Executive Advocate.

Structure & Format

Criminal Litigation pathway permits Chartered Legal Executives to exercise advocacy in:

  • Adult Magistrates’ Courts;
  • Youth Courts;
  • Crown Court or High Court chambers in bail applications;
  • Appeals to Crown Court or committal for sentence if you appeared in the Magistrate or Youth Court;
  • Coroners’ Courts


6 day course including written and practical assessments

In order to pass the advocacy assessment for the Criminal Proceedings Certificate a candidate must demonstrate competence in one assessment from each of the following assessment categories:

  1. Opposed bail application
  2. Examination in Chief, Cross Examination
  3. Opening speech, closing speech, legal submission
  4. Plea in mitigation
  5. Evidence

Candidates will also be required to sit an examination on the rules and principles of evidence as they operate in criminal proceedings.

Please refer to Cilex website for further information

Structure & Format

During the course you will receive training in advocacy skills and have the opportunity to practice your skills. You will be assessed in your knowledge of the law of evidence and in your advocacy skills.


When you are assessed as meeting the competence requirements and have passed the advocacy course assessments you will apply for a Litigation and Advocacy
Certificate. You will become a Chartered Legal Executive Litigator and Advocate.

Complementary Courses

There is a CILEX ‘specialist’ CPD requirement for those with extended rights of audience. We have three CPD programmes uniqely designed to help satisfy this requirement:

Fellows of CILEx, Associate Prosecutors and Legal Accounts Executives are required to undertake CPD activities leading to a minimum of 9 CPD entries, with at least 1 entry in professionalism. All CILEx Advocates must also ensure that 2 of their 9 entries are undertaken in advocacy skills.

For more detailed information on CILEx CPD requirements, please visit this page of the CILEx website.