The benefit of taking your learning online

When it comes to learning and development, often people will expect to undertake courses in a traditional, face-to-face classroom environment. However, as technology has allowed us to take strides across all industries and has become an integral part of our everyday processes, we should now be utilising technology more than ever before to aid personal development. At Altior, we offer a blended learning approach, allowing delegates to undertake courses with both online and face-to-face resources for optimum results. Although many organisations are introducing and discussing online learning to enhance development, do you really understand its benefits? In our blog this week, we’ll be addressing the positives of online learning and highlighting why it should be a key consideration for everyone.

Added convenience
During busy periods, it can be difficult to commit to time away from work. Offsite learning can make life more stressful and at times, plagued by distractions, which can make it more challenging to interact with your tutor or fellow learners. However, with Live Online training, you can sign into courses directly from your desk or at home if you’d like a cosier environment, allowing you to only take time away from your work when completely necessary during pre planned course times so that you can manage your schedule around them. Learning through this format is also broken down into smaller manageable chunks making it more understandable and convenient, so you’ll never face information overload through our online delivery.

Revisit learning materials
When learning a new topic, it can be hard to absorb all of the key information, regardless of how much you concentrate, showcase interest or furiously scribble key notes. However, all learning sessions through our Live Online system are recorded and learning materials can be re-visited at your convenience after the course has been completed. Not only can this help to deepen your understanding for longer-lasting learning results (online learning can increase retention rates by 60%), but it can prove essential during revision time, helping you to recall the pivotal information when you need it the most. It’s already been incredibly successful with our Professional Skills Course (PSC) delegates, helping them to reach an average pass rate of 96% since its introduction.

Reduce your carbon footprint
When additional classroom-based learning requires travel time, it can have an impact on your carbon footprint, especially if you have to drive to locations far away from your home or your regular workplace. Research shows that distance learning consumes 90% less energy than face-to-face classes, and we understand that many of our delegates want to make more energy efficient choices, with 92% of young professionals preferring to work for a company that is environmentally friendly. It’s greener to study in your own environment and can help you eradicate that wasted travel time.

Expert trainers specifically chosen for you
Not every trainer can effectively deliver a Live Online session – they need to be tech-savvy and able to redesign their course content to suit online delivery. That’s why, at Altior, we carefully select our expert trainers who will be able to demonstrate their legal experience and knowledge whilst delivering interactive lessons which are of the same quality  to face-to-face sessions. Live Online is not just a pre recorded webinar it is a two way interactive platform which enables you to engage with your tutor by asking questions and getting involved in discussions, just as you would in a classroom. Your learning experience will certainly not be hindered simply because it’s digital.

Quality training programmes
Not all online courses are made equal. In order to deliver a successful online course, the learning structure needs to be well developed and the platform used needs to be accessible and consistently reliable. At Altior, we invest significant time into the planning and delivery of our Live Online courses to ensure the highest quality learning experience is upheld with feedback showing that over 99% of our students enjoyed their learning experience with us.

A blended approach
Despite the benefits of online learning, we acknowledge that some courses will still need to be conducted in face-to-face environments, especially for courses where practical skill development is required. However, for many other courses, a face-to-face approach and online learning can be blended together to create an integrated learning plan suited to each individual. For example, delegates undertaking our PSC course will experience traditional classroom environments for elements of the course but can undertake core modules such as Client Care & Professional Standards and Financial & Business Skills through our exclusive Live Online system.  The same approach can be taken with our Higher Rights of Audience course.

Online learning should be considered an essential part of any development programme and can be flawlessly integrated with face-to-face learning to create a blended learning structure. At Altior, we understand that our learners have varying requirements and schedules, which can mean that many would consider online learning a necessity, especially as digital processes have become such an important part of their personal lives. As well as this, online learning can bring added convenience regardless of your busy work schedule or requirements, making development more accessible for all.

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