Why advocacy is about better communication

Greek story teller Aesop said many centuries ago that: “Persuasion is often more effectual than force.”

His words remain as true now as they did then and maybe more so as it appears a dangerous and uncertain time in global politics.

That is why, be it in law, business, politics and everywhere we need people who can truly communicate.

The skill of being able to communicate, and persuade, is what makes ordinary people into leaders. It is the art of being a solicitor, being someone with that electric character who when they speak it is worth listening.

Here in the legal field where it is all about arguments, the skill it is vital.  After all, it isn’t just about standing up in a courtroom, but also presenting a compelling argument in a fractured boardroom, negotiating a corporate takeover, handling an emotional client and a thousand other examples besides.

Too many think such skills are in one’s DNA, but evidence by many great leaders show they studied how to become great communicators.

For instance, the late Margaret Thatcher completely metamorphosed into a deep voiced Iron Lady Prime Minister who crushed the unions. Look at footage of her early political days and her voice is higher, and her whole persona less convincing.

We at Altior believe all of us have the skills to be a persuasive communicator.

We have, and continue to, play our part making thousands of solicitors more confident and charismatic through our advanced advocacy and litigation training programmes.

It is not just about box ticking, but given knowledge that become life skills for those who conducts advocacy – and for those who don’t.

All the courses are friendly, delivered face-to-face with small class numbers to nurture everyone for the best learning experience, and gives personalised feedback on your performance.

Great communicators are as much nurture as nature. Now is your time to confidently step forward.

For more information on our Higher Rights of Audience and Advocacy courses visit the website or give us a call on 02920 451000.

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