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PSC Meet the Delegate: Anwar Khan

Undertaking a Professional Skills Course (PSC) can be an important part of the development journey for those looking to qualify as a practising solicitor. For our blog this week, we wanted to share the experience of Anwar Khan, a commercial contracts lawyer in a Local Government Authority. He undertook his training in both face-to-face classrooms…

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Meet the Trainers: Roy Morgan

Our trainers play a crucial role to all that we do at Altior. So we thought that it’s time you know a little bit more about them. Let’s get started, Roy… Name: Roy Morgan Can you tell us a little bit about what you do at Altior? There’s probably not enough space in just one…

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100 years of Women in Law – Meet Rachelle Sellek

To celebrate 100 years of women in law, we’re curating a series of interviews with women operating within the profession to understand what this anniversary means to them. This week, we’re talking to Rachelle Sellek, Partner at Acuity Law. Over to you Rachelle…   Can you please introduce yourself, your job role and your company? My…

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How safe are online courses?

Online courses are becoming increasingly popular and this market is expected to grow to $325 Billion by 2025. After all, developing your skills, whether face-to-face or online, is critical in order to offer the right legal advice and assistance to your clients. Choosing an online course over a traditional face to face environment, definitely has…

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From 1919 to 2019: five inspiring women in Law

The role of women in the legal industry has changed dramatically over the last few decades and despite incredible strides forward in terms of equality, there is still a lot that can be done in order to continue this journey. According to The Law Society, women make up over 60% of new entrants in the…

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What’s new to Live Online this Summer?

Ongoing training and development can be beneficial for both individuals and businesses and technology is increasingly playing an important role in this. This is why our very own virtual classroom, Live Online, is proving incredibly popular. By choosing to take part in one of the courses delivered via our Live Online platform, you won’t have…

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Don’t worry, training won’t affect your billable hours

For law firms, billable hours are essential as they keep the firm profitable and help solicitors keep track and measure their results. However, where does time for ongoing development fit in? Ongoing professional training is important as it allows lawyers to learn and enhance their current skills. A balance between the two should be taken…

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Standards of Service: it should be everybody’s business

We’ve already talked about the importance of staying compliant within your firm when it comes to diversity, cybercrime, investment schemes and more following the SRA Risk Outlook 2018/2019. You may have also noticed that we’ve even curated a series of course offerings to help combat these key issues. But as promised, we’re continuously looking to…

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Unlock your potential with blended learning

Training courses are fundamental to personal growth as well as professional development, helping to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. However, working in the legal industry often means spending long hours in the office to meet deadlines. By spending such volumes of time at your desk, you tend to forget that ongoing personal development…

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Master your networking skills with CPD

Networking is certainly not a new concept and it’s been at the centre of many conversations around career progression and business development for quite some time. With schedules being busier than ever, 41% of professionals reported that they wish they could network more but simply can’t find the time, with 25% of them not networking…

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