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Why CPD should still be a priority for you and your organisation

The SRA’s high profile move away from the annual minimum 16 hour CPD requirement has been well documented and most in the profession will by now be aware that the change will be fully implemented by 1 November 2016 and phased in from this spring. But does this really mean the end of (Continuing) Professional…

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How to Get Noticed: Top 5 Desired Skills and Attributes

Desired skills and attributes of junior lawyers vary from firm to firm, but there are a large handful of common themes. We’ve listed our top five here. (We’ve not included intellectual ability in the list – that’s a given!) 1. Relentless enthusiasm and resilience The life of a lawyer will throw up a variety of challenges, including long…

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Advancing your law career with the Professional Skills Course

If you want to be a solicitor, you will need to complete a Professional Skills Course (PSC) as part of your training contract, building on the foundations of the Legal Practice Cours (LPC). You’re probably thinking, oh no, not more training! But rest assured it’ll all be worth it as this is the last push…

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Which size law firm is right for you?

Large, medium or small, whichever size law firm you choose to lay your roots there are advantages and disadvantages to both. It all depends on your own preferences and which one you feel is right for you personally. Try not to get trapped in to the mind set of chasing the highest salary with the…

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How to prepare for interviews

The interview process can be  daunting which is why it’s so important to make the necessary preparations before you take a step into the interview room. As a trainee solicitor you may have chosen a select few law firms you’re keen to become a part of, so here are a few interview techniques to master…

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10 Interview questions for solicitors

So you’ve done all your training and you’ve just secured an interview with your chosen law firm. It’s safe to say you’re pretty terrified right now, and you’re probably looking for some useful tips to help you ace the interview process and guarantee your position within the firm. It’s always best to be prepared; it…

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Top tips for standing out in the law industry

The law industry is a seriously competitive place, and you are likely now in a position where you’re keen to flaunt your skills to stand out in your field. Once your potential customers begin to recognise you in a very positive light, that’s when the magic starts to happen and you can make a real…

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What’s the point in work experience?

When any law firm asks the big question, “why law”, you need to be able to give them a credible answer. Probably the best way to show you understand what working in this industry is all about is by being able to draw on relevant work experience you have undertaken; not only does it demonstrate…

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The rise of the solicitor advocate

It has been 21 years since solicitors first acquired rights of audience in the higher courts but it has only been in the last decade or so that they began to seriously consider the advantages of keeping advocacy in-house. Many firms have created their own advocacy units consisting of solicitor advocates and barristers, the latter…

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Why our Professional Skills Course is right for you

In order to become a solicitor, there is no escaping the Professional Skills Course. As a mandatory part of the 2 year training contract or period of recognised training, in order to qualify as a solicitor, a number of core modules and 24 hours of electives have to be completed. The core modules are: Client…

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