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First PSC Live Online Course

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Management & Leadership

Our management programmes have been developed specifically for lawyers who seek to develop a skills set that will help them run, or contribute to the running of, their professional practice businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Altior’s Unique 3 step Management Programme replaces the Management Courses stage 1 and 2. The programme has been carefully designed by experts to support and develop the essential management skills needed to be a successful lawyer.

In today’s competitive legal market, the firms that will prosper will be those who can balance the demands of impeccable client service and profitability with high staff morale and personal fulfilment.

In-depth knowledge of legal practice areas is no longer enough to guarantee your firm’s success – lawyers not only need assured technical competence but also highly-evolved people skills.  As lawyers gain years of post-qualification technical ability, we help match it with continuous development of high quality management skills.  

Our highly interactive training  brings immediate and practical benefits to lawyers in managing day-to-day transactions and interactions. Our programme addresses the new SRA requirements for continuing competence and delivers the 12 hours training required for qualification to supervise. 

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2020 Management Dates

Managing Yourself

The first area of Altior’s Unique Management Programme is comprised of two sessions that can be taken together or as stand alone topics: Managing Your Workload & Managing Your Communications.

These sessions will not only help develop your skill-set to take responsibility for handling client matters, but will also help foster your ability to build and maintain effective working relationships both within and outside the firm.

  • Manage your client matters with increased efficiency and confidence

  • Understand and use improved communication skills with your work colleagues and clients

  • Empathise better with differing personalities, outlooks and approaches

  • Reduce conflict and its impact should it occur

  • Improve your working relationship with those to whom you report.

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Managing Others

The second area in Altior’s Unique Management Programme is comprised of two sessions that can be taken together or as stand alone topics: Successful Supervision & Improved Individual Performance.

These sessions will not only help develop your skill set to become an effective one-to-one supervisor, but will also help foster your ability to deliver excellent client service and bottom line results through exceptional team management.

  • Identify and adapt your personal leadership style to maximise performance in others

  • Understand what motivates people and use these motivators in an individual and team context

  • Use learning styles and coaching techniques to improve individual and team performance

  • Identify and communicate tasks for delegation more effectively

  • Provide feedback and tackle performance difficulties with confidence.

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Managing the Firm

Managing the Firm is the third area in Altior’s Unique Management Programme. Again, it is comprised of two sessions that can be taken together or as stand alone topics: Strategy & Finance and People and Clients.

These sessions will not only help sharpen your strategic vision at practice or firm level, but will also enable you to develop the skills required to successfully implement it.

  • Recognise that successful performance for your practice group or law firm depends on creating long- term sustainable value, not purely profit generation

  • Identify the key ‘RULES’ that drive long-term performance in your firm and apply these to your business proposals

  • Contribute more effectively to the development and implementation of your practice group or firm’s strategy

  • Articulate your practice group or firm’s strategy more  persuasively to internal and external stakeholders.

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Leadership Training Programmes

For senior business leaders Altior's Leadership and Professional Development team can work with you to create a tailored yet structured approach based around clearly defined goals set by you. This approach ensures that your senior leadership team develop the skills they need to drive success in your business.

Their programmes enhance the technical competence and behavioural confidence of your biggest asset – your people. Empowering them to make better decisions and drive commercial performance.

For more information on Altior's leadership training programmes complete this short form and one of our team will call you back.